Pro Staff Inquiries

Pro Staff Inquiry: Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the SBA Pro Staff Team Canada. Our fishing staff is a group of anglers that truly enjoy playing a role in the positive experiences of other anglers across the country.
We know that building a team is crucial to our success so if you are interested please consider having the following information ready before applying. 

  • Full name and contact information (Email address, phone number, etc.).
  • General overview of yourself and why you want to join with Team SBA.
  • Core fishing styles, areas of expertise and main locations of fishing.
  • All events fished, and any clubs or affiliations you are involved with.
  • All social media you are involved with (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). Please provide links/usernames. (This one is important)
  • Any online forums you are regularly active on. Example links are a plus.
  • Any special skills you have - such as photography, video and writing ability.