Bluegills on the Dropshot

Bluegills on the Dropshot

Bluegill on the dropshot
Have you ever tried for bluegills on the drop shot? If not, then now is the time!

In the summertime the bluegill doesn’t get a lot of attention as many anglers choose to target them in the spring. It seems like after the spawn, anglers focus on catching these magnificent fish fade, but catching mid-summer bluegills is super fun! 

Fishing a lake at this time you’ll find the fish are starting to stack up on the weed edge, and now is the best time to use a technique that’s not often used for panfish, but let me show you why it’s such a great way to catch these big monsters.

The best way to catch these bluegills is a technique that’s been popularized in bass fishing, however it’s an incredible delivery system for just about any bait, softbait or livebait. It’s the dropshot!

Drop shorting for bluegill

Normally, you hear about dropshotting and bass fishing and it is a very effective way to catch bass, but this technique is awesome for walleye fishing and panfishing. Right now, the bite seems to be really hot on any baits like the Impulse Worm, Ribbed Power Shad and the Snack Shad, but many times, if they’re super aggressive and you get the right conditions, you can get them on most small soft plastics.  

Dropshotting for bluegills is definitely a tactic you need to try this summer, it’s so much fun! 


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